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The $ 14.7-billion Health plus Wellness Spas industry has produced sturdy development over the previous decade. The industry involves a range of spas, including day spas, spa hotels, hotel spas plus healthcare spas, of that day spas create up the massive most of the total. The industry experienced double-digit development inside the mid-2000s, driven by the improving spread of value-priced day spas inside reasonably untapped customer markets. But, the industry's progress was halted by the arrival of the Great Recession, that snapped a 22-year development streak inside per capita disposable money.

Consequently, industry revenue dived four.9% inside 2010, because customers increasingly cut discretionary spending about deluxe services like spa treatments. In the years because the recession, industry revenue has slowly recovered with improving per capita disposable money plus customer self-confidence, claims IBISWorld industry analyst Caitlin Moldvay. In 2011, disposable money is expected to rise 1.7%, underpinning a 3.5% development inside industry revenue. Overall, the Health plus Wellness Spas industry is expected to develop at an annualized rate of 1.3% over the five years to 2011.

In 2012, Americans produced 156 million spa visits, based on the newest info within the International Spa Association. There are an estimated 20,774 spas running inside the United States. Day spas create up most, accounting for 78.9% of total spas, when resort spas plus healthcare spas create up the next-largest categories. To generate development, spas have extended their range of service products, especially their range of antiaging treatments plus healthcare treatments, continues Moldvay. These services, including Botox, laser hair treatment plus teeth whitening, have been sturdy development segments. Market share focus in the industry is low. The Health plus Wellness Spas industry is very fragmented; providers are spread over several places to be close to key customer markets inside high-traffic places. This trend makes it difficult for 1 business to serve a big part of the whole marketplace. The industry's biggest player, Massage Envy, is franchised. Other big firms are usually high-end hotels including Golden Door Spa, that generate excellent revenue per establishment however, just work some places.

Over the five years to 2018, improving financial conditions can pave the technique for accelerated industry development. As the unemployment rate slowly abates, per capita disposable money is forecast to rise, leading to better spending about discretionary spa services. The baby-boomer generation inside specific is expected to be a source of development for the industry throughout the period because spas expand their range of antiaging items plus services. For more info, see IBISWorlds Health plus Wellness Spas inside the US industry report page.